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Yetman Dry Sclerophyll Forests

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Open forests and woodlands up to 20 m tall with eucalypts interspersed with Callitris (cypress pines), a conspicuous layer of sclerophyllous shrubs and a scattered grassy ground cover.


Angophora leiocarpa, Corymbia dolichocarpa (long-fruited bloodwood), Eucalyptus crebra (narrow-leaved ironbark), E. dealbata (tumbledown red gum) and E. melanophloia (silver ironbark) throughout, and with E. blakelyi (Blakelys red gum) and E. chloroclada (dirty gum) on lower slopes and flats.


Acacia burrowii (Burrows wattle), A. deanei (Deans wattle), A. leiocalyx (curracabah), Brachyloma daphnoides (daphne heath), Eremophila mitchellii (budda), Geijera parviflora (wilga), Hovea apiculata, Jacksonia scoparia (dogwood), Leucopogon attenuatus, Maireana microphylla (eastern cottonbush), Melichrus urceolatus (urn heath), Notelaea microcarpa (native olive), Styphelia triflora.


Cheilanthes austrotenuifolia (rock fern), C. distans (bristly cloak fern), Aristida caput-medusae (many-headed wiregrass), A. ramosa (purple wiregrass), Austrostipa scabra (rough speargrass), Chloris truncata (windmill grass), Enteropogon acicularis (curly windmill grass), Lomandra longifolia (spiny-headed mat-rush), L. multiflora (many-flowered mat-rush), Panicum queenslandicum.


Hills, slopes and adjacent flats with siliceous sandy loams derived from sandstone, occasionally outcropping in small clifflines.


North from hills near Terry Hie Hie, west of Inverell, into southern Queensland, with the most extensive stands found in the Yetman district.


A distinctive group of assemblages sharing a number of species with Western Slopes Dry Sclerophyll Forests and Pilliga Dry Sclerophyll Forests. Fragmented by land clearing, despite their marginal soils, with limited representation in conservation reserves. However, examples occur in timber production forests and in Arakoola nature reserve.


Sivertsen & Metcalfe (unpubl. series 2); DLWC (2002a)

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