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Sydney Montane Heaths

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Open heath comprising an open canopy of sclerophyll shrubs 12 m tall, usually with emergent mallee eucalypts and an open or patchy groundcover of sclerophyll sedges and herbs.


Eucalyptus laophila, E. langleyi, E. stricta (mallee ash).


Allocasuarina nana, Baeckea brevifolia (short-leaved heath), Banksia ericifolia (heath banksia), Boronia anemonifolia (sticky boronia), B. microphylla (small-leaved boronia), Darwinia fascicularis subsp. oligantha, D. taxifolia subsp. taxifolia, Lambertia formosa (mountain devil), Leptospermum trinervium (flaky-barked teatree), Petrophile canescens (conesticks), P. pulchella (conesticks), Philotheca obovalis, Phyllota squarrosa (dense phyllota), Pultenaea canescens.


Dampiera stricta, Gonocarpus tetragynus, Goodenia bellidifolia, Patersonia sericea (silky purple-flag), Entolasia stricta (wiry panic), Lepidosperma viscidum, Lomandra glauca (pale mat-rush), Schoenus villosus (hairy bog-rush).


Exposed sandstone ridges and upper slopes, often on west-facing clifftops at elevations from 600 to 1200 m. Soils are periodically damp, shallow or skeletal sandy loams.


Western parts of Wollemi to southern Blue Mountains, and the Morton-Budawang region west of Nowra and Milton. Unique to the Sydney basin in New South Wales. Examples may be seen on Narrow Neck Peninsula south of Katoomba, at Kanangra Walls south-east of Oberon, above the Wolgan Valley north of Lithgow, and along the Nowra-Nerriga road west of Sassafras.


A distinctive and moderately species-rich group of assemblages, varying in composition with altitude and latitude. Grades locally into Sydney Sandstone Montane Dry Sclerophyll Forests on less exposed sites and Montane bogs on poorly drained soils. The most extensive class of heathland, large areas are represented in conservation reserves.


Keith & Benson (1988)

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