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Sydney Coastal Dry Sclerophyll Forests

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Open eucalypt forests and woodlands 10-25 m tall with prominent and diverse sclerophyll shrub understorey and open groundcover of sclerophyll sedges.


Throughout this class Angophora costata (Sydney red gum) and Corymbia gummifera (red bloodwood) are common canopy species. In gullies Eucalyptus piperita (Sydney peppermint) is often present, while on ridges E. capitellata (brown stringybark), E. haemastoma (broad-leaved scribbly gum), E. oblonga, E. racemosa (narrow-leaved scribbly gum) and E. sieberi (silvertop ash) are common. In the gullies Banksia serrata (old man banksia) and Ceratopetalum gummiferum (Christmas bush) may grow into small trees.


Acacia linifolia (flax-leaved wattle), A. myrtifolia, A. terminalis (sunshine wattle), Banksia serrata (old man banksia), B. spinulosa var. spinulosa (hairpin banksia), Bossiaea heterophylla, Epacris pulchella (wallum heath), Eriostemon australasius (waxflower), Gompholobium grandiflorum, Grevillea buxifolia (grey spider- flower), G. sericea (pink spider flower), G. sphacelata, Hakea dactyloides (broad-leaved hakea), H. gibbosa, H. laevipes subsp. laevipes, Isopogon anemonifolius (broad-leaved drumsticks), Lambertia formosa (mountain devil), Leptospermum trinervium (flaky-barked teatree), Monotoca scoparia (prickly broom-heath), Persoonia levis (broad-leaved geebung), P. pinifolia ( pine-leaved geebung), Phyllota phylicoides (heath phyllota), Platysace linearifolia, Pultenaea tuberculata, and Xanthorrhoea arborea (grass tree ).


Cassytha pubescens, Dampiera stricta, Lycopodium deuterodensum (bushy clubmoss), Patersonia glabrata (leafy purple-flag), Xanthosia pilosa, Cassytha pubescens, Dampiera stricta, Lycopodium deuterodensum (bushy clubmoss), Patersonia glabrata (leafy purple-flag), Xanthosia pilosa.


Below 700 m elevation on quartzose sandstone ridges, slopes and gullies with infertile sandy loams. Areas receiving 1000 mm to more than 1300 mm mean annual rainfall.


Coastal plateaux of the Sydney Basin between Port Stephens and Sussex Inlet, with outlying occurrences in the lower Blue Mountains and eastern parts of Morton Plateau. Examples occur within Brisbane Water, Ku-ring-gai Chase and Royal national parks. Unique to New South Wales.


Locally variable in relation to topography and soil development. Includes a very diverse and endemic sclerophyll shrub stratum showing floristic affinities with Hinterland and Montane Sydney Dry Sclerophyll Forests and Coastal Dune Dry Sclerophyll Forests. Partially cleared for urban development.


Benson & Howell (1994a); Keith (1995)

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