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Low, open eucalypt woodland dominated by one or two tree species,  typically 5-15 m tall. The understorey, includes a variable sclerophyll shrub stratum and ground cover dominated by tussock grasses and a variety of herbs.


Eucalyptus pauciflora (white sally) is widespread. It is sometimes accompanied by E. dalrympleana (mountain gum), E. rubida subsp. rubida (candlebark) and E. stellulata (black sally). Above 1500 m elevation E. debeuzevillei (snow gum) and E. niphophila (snow gum) are common.


Acacia dealbata (silver wattle), Bossiaea foliosa, Brachyloma daphnoides (daphne heath), Daviesia mimosoides subsp. mimosoides, D. ulicifolia (gorse bitter pea), Derwentia perfoliata (diggers speedwell), Hibbertia obtusifolia, Leucopogon hookeri, L. montanus, Monotoca scoparia (prickly broom-heath), Olearia erubescens (silky daisy bush), Podolobium alpestre (alpine shaggy pea).


Clematis aristata (old mans beard)


Acaena nova-zelandiae, Asperula scoparia (prickly woodruff), Geranium solanderi var. solanderi (native geranium), Glycine clandestina, Gonocarpus tetragynus, Helichrysum scorpioides (button everlasting), Lagenifera stipitata (blue bottle-daisy), Lomandra longifolia (spiny-headed mat-rush), Poranthera microphylla, Stellaria pungens (prickly starwort), Stylidium graminifolium (grass triggerplant), Viola betonicifolia subsp. betonicifolia (mountain violet), Wahlenbergia stricta subsp. stricta (tall bluebell), Elymus scaber var. scaber (common wheatgrass), Poa induta, P. labillardieri (tussock), P. sieberiana var. sieberiana (snowgrass), Themeda australis (kangaroo grass).


Mountain summits and frost hollows at 1000-1800 m elevation on various soils in frost-hollows on tablelands as well as mountain slopes and summits exposed to cold winds. Sites with moderate rainfall, frequent frosts and occasional snow, becoming more frequent at higher altitudes.


High parts of the central and southern tablelands, extending into the Victorian highlands, with restricted outliers on the northern tablelands. Examples occur on the Boyd plateau, near Mount Werong, Namadgi and Kosciuszko national parks in the south. The distribution is much more restricted on the northern tablelands, but examples occur in Barrington Tops, Werrikimbe and Cathedral Rock national parks


A group of assemblages varying in structure and composition with altitude, grading into Southern Tablelands Grassy Woodlands at lower elevations and Alpine Herbfields and Heaths above the treeline.


Keith & Bedward (1999); Thomas et al. (2000)

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