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South Coast Wet Sclerophyll Forests

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Tall dense eucalypt forests with straight-boled trees 30-50 m tall. Understorey includes an open stratum of tall, mostly mesophyllous shrubs, abundant vines and a continuous herbaceous groundcover that includes a variety of ferns. This complex mesic understorey indicates that they belong to the shrubby subformation of the wet sclerophyll forests.


Angophora floribunda (rough-barked apple), Eucalyptus cypellocarpa (monkey gum ), E. elata (river peppermint), E. muelleriana (yellow stringybark).


Acacia cognata (narrow-leaved bower wattle), Cassinia longifolia, Coprosma quadrifida (prickly currant bush), Elaeocarpus reticulatus (blueberry ash), Goodenia ovata (hop goodenia), Goodia lotifolia (golden-tip), Pimelea axiflora (rice flower), Senecio linearifolius (fireweed groundsel).


Clematis aristata (old mans beard), Hibbertia dentata, Smilax australis ( sarsaparilla), Tylophora barbata (bearded tylophora).


Geranium potentilloides, Gonocarpus teucrioides (raspwort), Hydrocotyle 'acutiloba', Lagenifera stipitata (blue bottle-daisy), Stellaria flaccida (forest starwort), Viola hederacea (ivy-leaved violet), Blechnum cartilagineum (gristle fern), Calochlaena dubia (common ground fern), Cyathea australis (rough treefern), Doodia aspera (prickly rasp-fern), Pteridium esculentum (bracken), Entolasia marginata (bordered panic), Lomandra longifolia (spiny-headed mat- rush), Oplismenus imbecillus, Poa meionectes and Tetrarrhena juncea (wiry ricegrass).


Gullies and sheltered slopes in coastal ranges and foothills up to 500 m elevation on loamy soils of moderate fertility, derived from siltstones or, occasionally, granites, where mean annual rainfall ranges from 850 to 1100 mm.


Coastal ranges and foothills south from Nowra extending into the East Gippsland lowlands of Victoria. Examples occur in Deua, Wadbilliga, Biamanga and South East Forest national parks. Accessible examples can be seen north of Bega at the Mumbulla Creek picnic area and near the Victorian border in the Watergums Creek Flora Reserve. In general, land clearing and forestry have affected relatively minor areas, although the largest trees have sometimes been removed from surprisingly inaccessible sites.


Moderately species rich vegetation with relatively consistent floristic composition across its range. Grades into Southern Escarpment et Sclerophyll Forests with increasing elevation and Southern Lowland Wet Sclerophyll Forests with decreasing moisture availability.


Keith & Bedward (1999), Thomas et al. (2000)

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