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Mangrove Swamps

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Low forest 2-8 m tall, either with no groundcover or a sparse cover of forbs


Avicennia marina, Aegiceras corniculata, with Bruguiera gymnorhiza, Rhizophora stylosa and Excoecaria agallocha in the north

Shrubs and vines

Typically none

Forbs, graminoids and pteridophytes

Samolus repens, Suaeda australis, Sarcocornia quinqueflora ssp. quinqueflora


Mudflats in coastal estuaries subject to frequent tidal inundation


Scattered throughout NSW coastline extending along the Qld coast and limited sites along the Gippsland coast of Vic


Typically monospecific stands of A. marina in the most tidal sites and A. corniculata in more riverine sites within the estuaries. Northern stands may be more species rich with B. gymnorhiza, R. stylosa and E. agallocha found north from Manning River. Limited floristic affinities with Saltmarshes. Depleted by landfill in some areas and sensitive to changes in currents resulting from maritime constructions and changes in river sedimentation.


West et al. (1985); Keith & Bedward (1999)

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